A Tech Startup’s First Steps in Selecting with Psychometric Testing – A Case Study

September 11, 2014

Read our latest case study in which we follow Oriana, a rising enterprise software solutions provider, finding their new Business Development Manager.

The study walks the reader through the process how a medium-sized tech company effectively implemented psychometric testing in their selection method for the first time. It describes the different aspects of the cooperation between an external psychometric tests provider and a client from the SME sector from the first steps of selecting the ideal test suit, till the final reporting phase and the follow up of the successful candidate’s later work performance.

This study is intended to be an introductory material, an example case for enterprises using psychometric testing for the first time.

If you would like to dig deeper in the subject matter, you might also want to read about the financial aspects of introducing psychometric testing into your recruitment process, or our experts’ tips on what to consider when choosing your test provider.

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