Psychometric and Workplace Personality Tests

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Talentsift offers a range of Psychometric & Workplace Personality Tests. Our Numerical Reasoning Test enables employers to measure a candidate’s capacity to interpret and analyse numerical data, diagrams, tables, their mathematical logic, and ability to work with numbers in general. Talentsift’s Abstract Reasoning Test helps recruiters determine a candidate’s ability to comprehend and work with unfamiliar information. That is, find solutions to problems, with the aim of discovering how well the subject can think analytically and conceptually. While the Talentsift Workplace Personality Test is a questionnaire designed to understand how a candidate prefers to work, and how well they will fit within a particular work environment or team. In addition to our exceptional test services Talentsift offers its clients the following key benefits…
Our test suite consists of all-new and unfamiliar content, providing a fresh experience for candidates, as well as a powerful new measure for organisations to base their assessment decisions upon. Candidates will not have seen our Numerical Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning and Workplace Personality Test questions before, which effectively measure the competencies that are critical for each individual role. Our occupational psychologists will consult with your business to help identify the most important competencies of a vacant position and compile a package that best measures these unique needs.
Our reports are clear, concise and free of jargon. You do not need to be an occupational psychologist to use our tests or to be able to interpret the results. If additional assistance is required, Talentsift’s Customer Support Team is ready to help, as well as our Occupational Psychologists. Reports can also be sent to participating job candidates, providing them with easy-to-understand and immediately available feedback.
Cost Effective
Talentsift offers a radically different pricing model. Clients pay for the time period they wish to access our system – NOT for individual candidates or assessments! We are also flexible and willing to negotiate a suitable solution for your requirements so please contact us if you have special pricing needs.
Reliable & Validity Tested
The Talentsift psychometric and workplace personality tests are designed by Occupational Psychologists according to British Psychological Society guidelines. They are based on the latest research findings, as well as expert knowledge of what cognitive skills organisations look to measure. At Talentsift we understand that businesses need reliable tests that produce comparable results so you don’t end up comparing apples to oranges! As part of our service, we also offer a free validation study to guarantee and reassure each client that results correlate with what tests were meant to measure and that they can predict performance in their organisation.


Talentsift offers a radically different pricing model. We only charge a monthly access fee! Packages are designed to suit a wide range of recruitment needs, from filling a single position to administering an annual graduate program.

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