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Psychometric Assessment: Will It Work for You?

December 12, 2014

‘Datafication’ is increasingly helping HR apply the same rigour to human potential as an organisation’s other assets. Rather than using subjective measures to select people into roles, determine talent gaps or identify and develop high potential employees, the best organisations are turning to scientifically-proven and objective psychometric assessment tools to help them meet their strategic goals.

A recent study of over one thousand HR professionals from companies throughout the world showed a significant proportion of businesses are using psychometric tests as part of the pre-hire process. For example, 62% are using personality assessments.*

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A New Tool for Small Businesses in the War for Talent

November 3, 2014

Top talent is hard to find, and this is even more so for smaller firms. Small and medium sized business owners often report they struggle to find the right people as they feel they cannot beat the big boys when competing for talent.

In reality, smaller businesses offer many advantages big businesses cannot, and there are some great articles describing how they can capitalise on these to become more attractive for talented candidates. We collected experts’ advice on small businesses’ specific hiring challenges, and looked at how using psychometric testing can help small firms put this advice into practice and become more effective not only in attracting but also in identifying top talent.

new tool for small businesses in the war for talent - psychometric testing

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