Online Assessment Centre Platform

Why Use An Online Assessment Centre Platform?
Online assessment centre platforms present potential job candidates with an engaging and realistic preview of their role within an organisation. They also help reduce the administrative burden associated with managing such a task via traditional pen and paper methods, while offering a wealth of new simulation possibilities and a highly professional impression. Talentsift’s Assessment Centre platform is sophisticated, secure and reliable. It can be fully automated, is totally customisable and eliminates the need for unnecessary paperwork or wasteful printing; hence it is better for the environment too! In addition to its unique platform Talentsift’ Assessment Centre offers businesses the following key benefits…
Immersive Candidate Experience

Offer your candidates the opportunity to experience a realistic day at the office within your organisation and in the process reliably predict how potential candidates are likely to perform and their fit for the role. Unlike traditional assessment centres, the Talentsift Assessment Centre platform offers this unique experience via a dynamic email inbox and a scheduling calendar.

Distribute task to be completed in the form of emails that can be scheduled to arrive in candidate’s inboxes throughout the day. Test each candidate’s ability to deal with unexpected new information or requests by dropping in some additional material midway through the event. Use colourful images and embed corporate videos for a more realistic and diverse background brief. Communicate deadlines, display the agenda or provide time and location information for interviews/meetings via a simple yet powerful calendar widget. And all of this is just the start of the amazing possibilities available via this sophisticated platform!

Realistic Simulation With Reliable Outcomes

Candidates, who have used the Talentsift Assessment Centre platform, report that this approach simulates a day in the office far better than the usual pen and paper method. In the war for talent, we understand that each organisation needs to ensure that its business is presented professionally throughout the recruitment process. Via our unique approach Talentsift assists in promoting and establishing our clients’ organisations as forward-thinking, technologically savvy and efficient, which helps to distinguish their brand favourably from others.

The Taletsift Assessment Centre platform is totally flexible and is able to conform to each organisation’s needs. Rely on Talentsift’s support to attain your goals and to get the most out of our system. We can adapt and load your existing assessments into the platform or provide fresh content on demand. Choose Talantsift’s off-the-shelf assessments for graduate-level roles or order bespoke content from our in-house, highly experienced Occupational Psychologist.

Let Talentsift help you save time and money, while attaining the best, most reliable results possible.

Fully Customisable

Both visually and content wise, the Talentsift Assessment Centre is fully customisable.

Rebrand the platform to suit your organisation’s needs and present a familiar look for job candidate when they login. Integrate your logo or other corporate design elements into the platform and even into the assessment content itself, to represent your organisation’s brand professionally throughout the recruitment process.

Wish to move existing tests to an online environment? Not a problem! Talentsift can do that easily for you. Want to create a brand new suite of assessments or do not have any to start with? Consult with Talentsift’s Occupational Psychologists and rely on their expertise to generate these exercises for you. Feel reassured by the knowledge that tests have been designed by experienced professionals, with your specific recruitment needs, goals and outcomes in mind.

Cost Effective

Talentsift offers a radically different pricing model.

Clients pay for each position they wish to fill – NOT for individual candidates or assessments! Until the right candidate is found and the position is filled, clients are free to test as may applicants as they require to ensure they find the right match for the role.

By moving this process online, to a virtual environment, costs associated with traditional assessment centres, such as pens, booklets, folders and other assorted material are eliminated. It also serves as a more environmentally friendly option. Furthermore, time and money is also saved during the review process, as submitted answers are stored in the cloud and can be remotely retrieved within seconds by assessors when most convenient. Scoring written responses is not restricted by access or location.

At Talentsift we are flexible and willing to negotiate a suitable solution for your requirements, so please contact us if you have special pricing needs.


Talentsift offers a radically different pricing model, while your first Assessment Centre upload is FREE! Packages are designed to suit a wide range of recruitment needs, from filling a single post to administering an annual graduate program.

The Possibilities

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