Talentsift is an online pre-employment skills screening solution designed to assess potential job candidate’s abilities, skills and performance.

Our Team

Ben WilliamsBen Williams is Talentsift’s Chief Occupational Psychologist. Previously operating at a senior level in four of the top occupational psychology consultancies, Ben co-founded Talentsift after a successful career as a freelance psychologist in order to blend his love for assessment design and technology. He designed dozens of ‘Day in the Life’ assessment and development centres for global firms and lead the development of a range of psychometric tests.


robinRobin Bott is a Senior Occupational Psychologist. Having spent many years working for a consultancy that specialised in developing and using psychometric tests, he brings a wealth of experience and understanding to Talentsift. He has developed hundreds of psychometric test questions for ability tests, personality questionnaires and situational judgement tests. He has also worked on the design of employee engagement surveys, culture questionnaires and 360 degree questionnaires.


marciMárton Magyar is Talentsift’s Managing Director who oversees the different projects and services we offer. Together with the founders, Márton creates Talentsift’s business strategy and is the one making sure we arrive where we are heading.



aronÁron Szentpéteri is a Cognitive Science graduate. His main field of research was in the neural mechanisms underlying the phenomenon called the Testing Effect.He also took part in polysomnography studies on the development of children’s sleeping and dreaming patterns. Here at Talentsift, we make use of his creative energies, as well as his skills as a scientist – Áron manages product development projects and is responsible for the content we publish online.

Our key values are:

Effective: Talentsift online assessment tools are extremely cost- and time-effective taking your recruitment planning to the next level.

Objective: Talentsift tools allow you to make informed and objective HR decisions.

Modern: Our AC Platform is unique on the market, just like our test platform