Psychometric & Personality Tests

Good employers invest a great deal of energy into matching the right people to the most appropriate jobs. However, this process can demand significant time and financial investment. This is where Talentsift can help. Through the use of our psychometric & personality test suite we support businesses to realise greater cost and time saving efficiencies in the recruitment process.


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A New Tool for Small Businesses in the War for Talent

Online Assessment Centre Platform

Talentsift’s sophisticated Assessment Centre platform helps businesses simulate “a day in the life” of a particular job vacancy and makes the assessment process a more natural experience for candidates. Beautifully designed, easy-to-use and fully customisable, this pre-employment skills screening platform is used to reliably predict how potential candidates are likely to perform and their fit for the job.


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Reliable & Validity Tested

In people selection, the stakes are high. Taletsift relys on respected experts and modern methods, so you don’t end up comparing apples to oranges.

Fully Customisable

The Talentsift candidate selection and assessment tools are fully customisable. Content, exercises and design can all be tailored to your specific needs and brand image.


You do not need to be an occupational psychologist to interpret Talentsift reports. They are clear, concise and free of jargon.


Talentsift is a maverick player in the psychometric testing and assessment market, coming with a fresh pair of eyes and a new approach to products, pricing and customer service. Give it a try!