Can you quickly and effectively tell which of your applicants will be the best?

Would you like to cut down on time and money spent discovering whether an applicant is up to scratch or not?

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Satisfied Customers

The NHS SWCSU provides commissioning and business support to NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups, and NHS England. NHS SWCSU uses Talentsift psychometric tests when selecting for middle management positions.
Oriana is an enterprise software solutions provider offering IT development services worldwide. Using Talentsfit’s ability and personality tests was Oriana’s first encounter with psychometrics. Today they are used as a standard element of all selection processes.
InEnergy is an energy brokerage consultant firm based in Yorkshire, in the UK. InEnergy was looking for a tool to increase the reliability of their selection process, and applied Talentsift’s reasoning tests to identify the best candidates for their new consultant positions.
The Lockwood Veterinary Group delivers superior pet care in 5 UK based animal hospitals and veterinary centres. The LVG found their new Graduate Business Development Manager with Talentsift’s reasoning and personality test suites.
Family bhive is a Virtual Family Office, and social media platform designed to connect wealthy families with the advice and information they need, to manage all that comes with owning substantial wealth.